Frills N Fluff.... After Baby June 10, 2015 09:03

I wanted to take a minute and talk to you guys about how things will be after the baby arrives! I have had lots of people ask me what my plan is.. Well to quite honest, I don't know what my plan is.. For once in my life I don't have a concrete plan! And for anyone that knows me, this is quite out of the ordinary for me! But I feel like being a first time mom, it is kind of impossible for me to have a 100% plan of how things are going to work until he gets here! I would love to say that everything will run smoothly, he will sleep all night and I will be able to jump back on the horse as soon as he's born, but I do try to live in the real world... most of the time!

My admins from the BST page have agreed to help out with, posts sales etc. So you may see posts for a sale from Brittany Weatherbee or Sherrie Whisnant, don't worry they are legit and have full permission! As it currently stands the last scheduled sale before my date to be induced is June 25th. We will be going out with a bang, as this sale is our 2nd Mystery Bag Dress Sale - and as I said last time {and pretty sure we didn't disappoint} you will not want to miss this!! I will then be taking the next about 2 weeks off! But again, anyone that knows me knows, this will be easier said than done for me! The next scheduled sale is Thursday July 9th at 8pm est!!! This is for that beautiful pink and mint green 2 piece set, it will be RTS! I have left most of July open on the calendar as far as scheduled sales, simply because I feel like we need a little cushion. July 13th there is a scheduled sale, it will also be RTS! I am hoping for a sale sometime the week of July 20th and the week of July 27th, but again, nothing is concrete yet!

I want to thank everyone in advance for your patience and support. I am hopeful that shipping, answering of emails etc will not be effected, but please just know if we end up a little behind on shipping or responding to emails, there is a little boy that can be blamed for it all ;)

In all seriousness we plan to try our best to stick to our normal shipping dates and email responses!